2012 Spring Road Cleanup


With a high temp of only 42 and winds gusting to 26 MPH the day was less than perfect for doing anything outdoors (especially painting with spray cans). Despite the less than comfortable weather, 24 or so hearty PMAC members both new and old and a few friends who are not members of the club joined in to rebuild, repaint, tidy up and reorganize the PMAC field and White Lake Road. We worked hard from 9am to 4pm and broke into groups and shifts across the field and up and the Road. At times we must have seemed like a group of ants feverishly pursuing a common goal. Much was accomplished that day and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that went home sore! All who participated can be proud of the work they completed, all in the continued spirit of the PMAC and the camaraderie it has stood for over 40 years!


Photos by  Joe Fialka & Ron Leake

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367