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Stephen Cason ~ Thank You For Your Service To Our Country

The theme of September's club meeting was a thank you and good luck to PMAC member Stephen Cason.  Stephen ships out to serve in the US Navy later on October 1st and the club salutes his service. He'll begin his Navy career at Great Lakes Naval Training Center then on to Nuclear Propulsion "A-School" in South Carolina.  We celebrated with a cake and kind words describing Stephen plus a token aircraft Stephen can fit in his new living space.

On behalf of the entire membership. We are sending this picture for your enjoyment and to extend all of our thanks to Ron Leake, Dave Smithson, Dale Matteson, Troy pointer, Jim Wert, and Tom George for the work they did on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to Brushhog our field. Also, we want to extend a big thanks to Jon Curtis for arranging the required approvals with Park management to allow us to do this.


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