PMAC 2012

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367

Misc. 2012 Photos & Videos

Keith Brown was awarded a plaque for his many decades of service to the club as head of the Field Committee as well as his dedication to all things PMAC. Keith also received a free membership voted unanimously at the previous meeting...Time to break out those planes, Keith!

Joe Finkelstien From the Skymasters Club, gave an excellent presentation on proactive battery and electrical system setup for i.c.,  electric airplane and heli systems. Joe also did a very thorough job of describing and outlining the positives and negative of different radio signal types and possible issues and advantages of each. Thank You, Joe!

Early warming brings out PMAC Fliers as well as the PMAC Field crew early in 2012. Grass has been cut and the field has been rolled for the fist time this year. Facilities are back in  full swing once again, Excellent work, fellas!

Field Committee preps for 2012

Tad Leake Flying a

Quad Copter in a UAV hanger... Somewhere in Afghanistan


PMAC Club Trainers ready for 2012 season

2012 Spring clean up was a big success!

Cold temps and high winds didn’t stop our work party of around 30 members from completing many needed tasks at the field as well as completing our responsibility to the Adopt a highway program we are part of. Click the photo at left to see more.