PMAC 2014

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367

2014 Spring clean up: Success despite the weather!

Cold temps and high winds didn’t stop our work party comprised of old and new members and a even few who had not joined as of yet! The 14 or so dedicated workers completed many needed tasks at the field as well as adding a few new improvements along the way. Some only had a few hours to spare but most stayed the entire 8 hours we worked. We all went home tired and paint covered but satisfied with the work accomplished on that day...You will notice many of the improvements on your next visit to the field with more, soon on the way.

Thank you, to all who took part in making our facility that much better.

Photos by Joe Fialka

2014 field improvement continues: More cold and rain but field work goes on!

Photos by Joe Fialka

The improvements and new additions continue at our field. Thursday May 1, was once again less than perfect but a few (8 or so) current and previous members happened by and pitch in on redoing the snow fence and testing /installing all new bumpers to the recently painted flight stands. Despite the cold, a constant wind, sprinkles and drizzle a good amount was completed that evening. Adding  to the work done above that day was grass cut and re-grading of the road in by Al Wesly and Ron Leake. The field is shaping up nicely for our 2014 flying season....ready your ships and stay tuned...more to come!

Overcast with a high only in the teens and a light but wandering breeze made flying anything a real accomplishment on this cold January day. Engines, airframes, batteries and hands don’t work well in conditions like this but there were probably about 20 or so hardy fliers that showed up and flew a wide range of models. Special thanks to Walt Smith and Tim Allen who spent the better part of two days prior plowing the road in and the entire parking lot as well as clearing paths to each flight station. Thanks to 2014 President, John Glenn who once again provided warm food and hot chocolate to keep us all going well into mid afternoon. Not a bad turnout for a very cold day but more important was that everyone there commented on how nice the event was...we had a blast!

Video by Joe Fialka

2014 PMAC Snow Fly

RC Flyers from Skymasters, RCCD, and PMAC gathered together to remember the actions of Bill Millin and all the Allied Troops that stormed the beaches of Normandy 70 years ago.

After the Opening Ceremony commemorating the 70th Anniversary of D Day by featuring the Michigan Scottish Pipes and Drums, RC Models of all scales and types took to the air over White Lake during this years PMAC Warbird Festival.

The skies were filled with P-51's, Corsairs, ME-190, AT-6, F-16's, and many many more.... The Fokker DR-1 was a crowd favorite and put on a great show!  With a full day of flying and dog fighting many pilots stopped by the Spitfire grill for refreshments including some very special cup cakes decorated as roundels as found on the wings of British aircraft!!

Be sure to join us next year as Warbirds of all shapes, sizes and scales take to the air once again to patrol the skies over White Lake !

2014 Warbird festival

Text, & Video by Joe Fialka • Photos Noel Hunt & Joe Fialka

Photos by  George Dzahristos

Our new record jet flight of 14 in formation doing loops, imelmans to split S and hammerheads among other Maneuvers, all together ~ great day and great fun!

PMAC Record Mass Jet Flight!