2015 PMAC Events


Overcast and raw with a high just below freezing -- A strong blustery cross wind gusting to 27 MPH made flying anything, a real accomplishment on this cold January day which was complete with sleet / snow and rain flying sideways for most of the day. Despite the difficult weather conditions, about 18 (some not pictured above) hardy individuals showed up and flew a wide range of models. Standout aircraft and pilot this year was Tom Bacsanyi and his electric Mirage which demonstrated amazing flight performance and sound (very turbine like) as well as best for landing in the mashed potato like snow. A few spectators came in off the road to watch as well. Special thanks to Tim Allen who spent the better part of the previous day snow blowing the road in as well as the parking lot area. Thanks to 2015 President, John Glenn who once again provided warm food and hot chocolate to keep us all going well into mid afternoon. Not a bad turnout for such a poor weather day, after all, we are the PMAC - and we Fly!

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367

Photos & Text By George Dzahristos

Snow Fly

Challenge ~ Club trainer rebuild! Readying the old fleet for a busy upcoming training season in 2015!

Members new & old all ready at work!

The new, and reorganized PMAC training program is currently undergoing yet another improvement ~ The rebuilding of the fleet of trainer aircraft. Many of the models are in a dilapidated state following years of flying with bare minimum repairs. Currently, all trainers have been assessed and specific repairs are underway at each monthly meeting. The models have all been reviewed, stripped and are now, structurally sound. Some have all ready gone on to the re-covering stage. When completed, these models will look vastly different and perform like new as even the engines have been reworked...Thanks Bill! The work is handled by 4 teams, each assigned an aircraft to look after. The teams are a good mix of experienced builders and new to the hobby members who are learning the craft (and challenge) of rebuilding, as well as getting to know their new club mates. If your interested in learning more about the inner workings of a model and what it takes to rebuild one or, just wish to lend a hand in this endeavor, please feel free to join us at the next monthly meeting.

Photos by George Dzahristos

Finger glued to balsa ~ Seems like a tradition of sorts for many of us!

PMAC’s grand old lady~ The Mikey D trainer is probably 15 years old or so. The battered and broken fuse undergoing major realignment and repair.

Factory like.

Perfect story telling shot ~ new, old and, returning members build club assets to help introduce the hobby to new students.

Ice Fly

Record cold for the 2015 Ice Fly - Question: Did you fly?  Answer: Yes!

Photos by Tom Kindig & George Dzahristos Text By George Dzahristos

As we walked out from the cozy clubhouse I noticed the snow had a unique and unfamiliar texture which continued to change as we walked and stumbled through the knee high snow drifts to the windswept flying area. Once on the lake, the snow seemed more like dense styrofoam and had a crisp and constant squeak under foot, even standing evoked a audible complaint from the crust below. Next perception was the immediate sting from the north west wind coming directly across the length of the lake, and the intense glare from such a crisp and clear day.  A few of us managed to overcome immediate frozen faces & hands, fogged and then frozen glasses and, eye watering glare (which promptly froze on your face) to get a few flights in. I’m not sure but perhaps this may be a record for rc flying in cold weather? Locally at least? Builds Character? Maybe....all I know is I was wearing half mittens to fly and flew two 4 minute flights back to back on my second trip on the ice  that day. In that short time I promptly froze the tip of my pinky and adjacent finger, my skin went white on both tips looking like large deep blisters. Days later and I still have some numbness there, it will heal. Still worth it! I could have stayed home in bed but flying in those conditions was worth experiencing. We did it!

Host for the event, Tom Kindig, did a great job organizing the event once again this year and President John Glenn cooked up some chili of which, we all had to go back for seconds for. All in all I think about 15 or so members showed up throughout the afternoon and a handful of boat club members looked on from the clubhouse as well... Not bad for such an extreme weather day.

Sunday the 15th of 2015 was the coldest day we have had in a long time. Flying in 0 degree weather, along with a 15 MPH wind across frozen Sylvan Lake wasn’t easy.

Old friends and new friends

Host Tom Kindig wearing his Alaska proven parka.

Good times. Mark Percival brought his friend Mike for some Chili and laughs.

Mark helps stage Dave Stephens Stick.

Dave Wienczak and I give it a go

The above photo shows only half of the 22 members that turned out for this twice a year event. With good weather and a record turn out, we were finished by 12:30. Thanks to all who planned, coordinated and participated!


Record membership participation makes short work of our commitment to the Adopt a Highway Road Clean Up Program!


John’s Jet Jamboree

The annual John’s Jet Jamboree is a built for fun, low key event hosted by longtime member, John Hoover. The 2015 event had excellent flying weather and good attendance from both PMAC and visiting club members. All sizes of EDF jets flew thru-ought the day and featured a half time demo by Joe Haas and his rocket powered model. The model blasts to altitude using its chemical rocket motor and glides back to base once the rocket has burned off, always a crowd pleaser! The spitfire Grill was at work much of the day and featured our newly donated griddle along with  the additional cooking help from Chris Strong and John Glenn...amazing brats and hamburgers, guys! Thanks to all who planned, coordinated and participated in this years event...See you next time!


Photos & Video by Joe Fialka

Warbird Festival 2015

Perhaps one of the greatest PMAC event in recent history

Despite the poor weather forecast, the Warbird Festival of 2015 will be remembered as one of the greatest successes of recent club history. The unusual afternoon and into the evening event drew record numbers of pilots and spectators alike - even thought radar and sky threatened rain for much of the day. Many unusual touches such as free steaks for pilots, Barrage balloons and the WWII food, SPAM, made this event truly unique and worth attending. Flying started at 4pm and continued the rest of the day, featuring Excellent scale warbirds, mass jet flights and large WWI aircraft flying in formations, complete with the hum of 4 strokes in sync - truly a memorable experience.

Thanks to CD Joe Fialka, Spitfire Grill staff, featuring the Glenn’s and Chris Strong cooking 10 steaks at a time - Rave reviews for the food and facility! Thanks to the PMAC Field Committee and Stan Stroble among others who contributed time and effort towards the success this event was. Next year promises even more... We hope to see you then!

Photos and Video by Joe Fialka & George Dzahristos

Electrics Over White Lake 2015

Breakfast, Lunch & FUN flying on a windy day!

Electric RC enthusiasts were greeted with an early morning breakfast to get the event rolling. Temperatures were a bit warm and humid and the wind built throughout the day into another windy day with uneven and swirling gusts. Despite the wind and warm temps the sky was filled with many various types of electric models of all sizes and speeds. Spectator turn out was fair to light but all had a great time. Thank to all that attended and help create another great time at the field...Special thanks to the workers of the Spitfire grill as they created two complete meals that day for both pilots and spectators alike!

Photos and Video by Joe Fialka

American Heritage Girls & Take Off and Grow (TAG) 2015

Click image to view the video

Click to view the video

The 2015 Club Members Picnic was a landmark event in many respects. Probably the most noteworthy of which was that the Club officially celebrated its 50th year as an RC club. One of the oldest in the country, in fact! There were cakes and brand new PMAC wearables to commemorate the event as well as many original and old time members and families too. A good number of past presidents as well, some of which traveled from as fas as south Carolina to be present. We also honored a current long time contributor to our club with the first ever PMAC Legacy award and there was a special aircraft that was completed and flown for the first time in remembrance of a young man and his dream to learn to fly RC. The return of the famously good pulled pork and all who brought sweets and other  dishes to pass also added to the special and festive atmosphere. Great weather (just a bit windy) was on tap for pilots and a very good turn out in family members, pilots and planes that flew made for an enjoyable and full day at the field. The closest to the pin fun fly event was a crowd favorite and provided entertainment and lots of laughs for old salts as well as the good amount of spectators that had also stopped by as the day went on. For me, it was great to finally meet and chat with some of the very first members of the club that I had heard so much about these past 20 years of my association with the club. All the returning members commented on the quality of the facility and the overall health of the club and how its evolution over the years has been well looked after. If you were there, you know what a great time we had. Here’s to the next 50!

Photos and Video by Joe Fialka

Tasted as good as it looked!


Some of the original Tuesday night guys.

Remembering Steve- memorial build and flight, test pilot, John Hoover.

A few past presidents~ L-R Jim Wert, Sterling Smith, Mel Wassmiller, Roy Pinner, Dave McDonald, Frank Vella, Joe Fialka, George Dzahristos, Bill Ridenour, John Glenn.

One more president....Gary Putman (center)!

Legacy Award recipient Don Hines cuts the anniversary cake

What makes up a successful club?

Oh yes...There were plenty of raffle Prizes and gifts too!

One of the old time Members, George Estes (now live out of state) catches up with Jim Wert, PMAC’s First President!

2015 Club Member Picnic

a Landmark for Many Reasons