PMAC 2017

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367

2017 PMAC all ready on the move

A Work Party....In January?

Terry, Tim, Mike, Steve and Charlie Clearing more brush before the heavy equipment shows up. Ambient temp - 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

One topped, 5 to go... Plus a few more to boot. Blue Tree was excellent, efficient and quick. We managed to get more done than we had anticipated that day, despite the icy temps.

A work party for a model airplane club held outdoors, in January, and in northern climbs has to be a rarity, if not a first. The PMAC is no stranger to innovation or original ideas so, you shouldn’t be surprised at this either. Simply, scheduling and the holidays got in the way of doing this before now but rather than cancelling or put it off we saw this as an advantage. The ground was frozen, the trees dormant and tree crews usually are a bit slow this time of year. So, as long as we could muster a few hearty souls we could get this task off our list before the flying season - turning this timing into a plus for all who fly at our site, and for years to come.  Thank you to the 15-20 or so that persevered to accomplish this significant task. Things like this define this club!

The Ditch Witch and its grappling claw saved everyones back and made time out there far more efficient! Thanks to Tim and Brian For bringing this piece of equipment at no additional charge!

Photos & text by George Dzahristos

88 foot proud. We couldn’t have accomplished what we did without this massive piece of equipment and its expert owner & operator, Tim Ballard.

Stan Strobel and Hank Wildman brought Stans Tractor for additional grunt, neatly pushing the cuttings into the woods as cover for all manner of wildlife.

Clearly, the west approach to the field has been significantly improved for the operation of model aircraft by reclaiming critical airspace, yet, without endangering bikers along the adjacent path.

Even Tom Kindig was in the sticks!

Below ~ Just a few of the gang, still around as we finished up about 2:30 pm. Mission accomplished!

2017 Snow Fly

Not a day for “spinner Polishers!”  Heavy fog grounds full scale planes but not diehard PMAC Pilots

Scott Taylor showed his recently completed IL Sturmovik. It too, flew, minutes after this pic was taken. Fast and excellent flying by Scott!

Dave puts on a great acro / 3D flying show with his giant Carbon Cub, complete with floats! Awesome flying, especially, considering the visibility!

All types of models flew, even small edf powered fast jets, pushing the envelope in visibility and speed.

With Temperatures in the high fifties there was hardly a snowflake in sight for the 2017 PMAC Snow Fly. Instead, heavy fog blanketed the area for much of the day. With little breeze, it hung in the air and made visibility limited to pretty much the field itself. The tree line was almost invisible and at times, the flying models simply disappeared for a second or two. Despite that, pilots took turns trying there luck with all in attendance straining to see through the mist. The event saw around 30 or so spectators and pilots, making this easily the largest turnout for the Annual Snow Fly. Cook John Glenn brought delicious pulled pork and coffee for all and much of those in attendance hung out for most of the day. As morning turned to into late afternoon, the skies parted and we found ourselves flying in full sun, blue skies and non existent breeze. It felt like more like April, not the middle of January. Any cabin fever we may have had was gone by the end of the day! Thanks to all who attended. Next up, Ice Fly!

No matter what was flying, all in attendance were on their feet watching all the action and speculating  as to what might happen next... Quite a show!

As the fog began to thin, even more took to the clearing skies. Photo above shows Steve and Mary Seltman readying their Hobby King B17.

2017 Johns Jet Jamboree

Images from our most recent event

Now in its sixth year, this ever growing event drew many pilots from local clubs as well as our own... despite less than great weather

A view from the other side of the mid day show line.

All types of models flew, even small edf powered fast jets, pushing the envelope in visibility and speed.

Dave Stokes turbine powered foam jet. Dave is our most recent Jet certified pilot!

With Temperatures Finally reminiscent of Spring and the ever present threat of thunderstorms that day, pilots from local clubs along with PMAC’s own frequented the airspace at PMAC’s White Lake Field for the 6th annual John’s Jet Jamboree.  Attendance of pilots was at record levels for this event and is clear that this event continues to grow. There were ever larger and more elaborate edf jets as well as two turbine powered models this year. As always the Spitfire Grill was in full swing with John Glenn at the helm and Pilots flew as solos and formations throughout the afternoon to Jet appropriate music, the event continued late into the afternoon when sever weather closed down the days flying. I could have carried live fish home in my pockets trying to lock the gate! Thanks to John Hoover for hosting this great event!

2017 PMAC

Warbird Festival

Saturday, June 10, 2017

4pm - 9pm

2017 Independence Day Parade & Static Display

Images from our most recent event

7am and were ready to roll!

Little Ariel. Excited and ready for a full day!

It is said that the essence of a parade is pride on display. One marches and displays all that one stands for, believes in and holds precious. Those things are never more evident than in an Independence Day Parade. National pride, history and culture were widespread in over 100 entries in the Clarkston Parade which ran for over a mile and a half through sun dappled neighborhood streets and main street lined with literally, thousands of people along the way. For the PMAC, this was our first year participating in the parade and was made possible in part by our recently returned and restored club tractor which was skillfully reworked by club member Allan Wesley for a number of years. The tractor pulled a donated trailer for the event and held much of what we hold dear and take pride in…our hobby and club, represented by a diverse range of models and members - individuals of all ages, races and genders, Veteran modelers, families and couples all holding models from giant scale to foam jets and accompanying the float, all waiving and answering questions by many spectators that had no idea the hobby had such range and diversity. Indeed, for many spectators it was a first ever exposure to the club and hobby! The weather was absolutely perfect with a deep blue sky, calm winds and brilliant late morning sun. It was an incredible sense of pride representing our hobby and club as we slow rolled along coupled with the adulation from old vets that flew stearman aircraft  to awe struck kids and adults alike. When the parade was completed, we drove the tractor and float to nearby Clintonwood Park where we staged a static display as part of  the continuing Independence Fest 2017 celebration. There were many onlookers asking questions about the hobby and the club - many of which were veterans and families of. PMAC informational material was passed out to all who requested it and invited to visit our club for upcoming events and our Thursday evening training.  Truly the club and the hobby was very well represented and my sincere thank you to all who participated in this little experiment of mine. Special thanks to Stan Stroble who not only did much of the background prep work but also delivered and safely returned the tractor as well as skillfully maneuvered the beast the entire day.

Directly representing the hobby and our club to over 10,000 people - In one day

Photos & text: George Dzahristos

Much of the decorations needed to happen on location and in short order. Thanks to Scott, Cathy, Steven and Mary for taking this on.

Your club and hobby on display

Incredible sight as the PMAC Float rolls into town with a 100 foot flag slowly waiving in the distance.

A few old vets look over the models at the static display at Clintonwood park.

Click here to see more photos from the days events

The 2017 “Member of the Year” was awarded to Scott Taylor (Pictured at photo right). Scott has been instrumental in club affairs and also very knowledgable and helpful at the field, at events and anytime anyone request help, Scott has always made himself available. For years now, Scott has also served os Club Treasurer and a requested electrics test pilot. A well deserved award acknowledging his participation and support of our club by the membership!

Congratulations to our Member and New Member of the Year for 2017!

2017 Member of the Year -

Scott Taylor

Above ~  2017 awardees with plaques at January’s membership meeting

2017 New Member of the Year -

Shawn & Jake Baker

Shawn and Jake are a father and son team that joined PMAC for the first time in 2017. Besides rapidly progressing through our training program and achieving solo status, Both help at the Spitfire grill on occasion that the club needed help in this area. A great effort for a first year in the club. Congratulation to you both!