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AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367

2018 Snow Fly

Saturday, January 20

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12-3pm - PMAC’s White Lake Field

Warm cloths, hearty folks with smiles to chase the winter blues away & hot food and beverages to keep your fingers warm!

The 2018 Snow Fly will be remembered as a winter fly with perfect weather conditions and a great turn out of members who spent much of the the day visiting and flying. There were about 20 pilots and spectators who enjoyed the 43 degree temps, calm winds and full sun, all day.  A great break amongst all the dreary days and record cold leading up to the event. John Glenn kept the Sloppy Joe’s and hot coco flowing too as members and visiting pilots from Skymasters took turns going to and from the barn for food and drinks and the flight line.  All in all a great way to beat the winter blues with fellow club mates and visitors alike. Thanks to John Glenn, Shawn Peterson, Steve  and Mary Seltmann and all who participated in this event!

Where eagles soar....this one happens to be electric!

Dave Wienczak ready for another flight.

Hanks in a sweatshirt!


A brief report from our most recent event

2018 Ice Fly

2018 John’s Jet Jam VII

Sunday - 05.27.18 

3:00pm to 7:00pm

The Ice Fly is an event that has many additional factors than most that contribute to its success or cancellation. For 2018 all those factors were in our favor and was most likely one of the best event of its kind ever for PMAC. With approximately 25 pilots and around as many boat club members and spectators from the surrounding neighborhoods looking on, Pilots spent much of the day in the air. There were jet formation flights, experiments with floats, wheels, Skid styles and hover type landings all on display as well as some very good but also safe flying as well. The weather was so perfect many began to fly before the 12noon start time and continued well after the 4 pm stop time. Just a perfect day on the ice with friends and visiting members from Skymasters coupled with great clubhouse hospitality and comfort from the Sylvan Lake Boat Club and it’s members. Thanks to all who participated and a special thank you to John Glenn and Demaree Hoover for the great homemade Chili that kept us going for much of the day and  to Tom Kindig for once again coordinating this event. See you next year! 

Breeze in the beard ~ 2017 “New Member of the Year” Shawn Baker...flying, flying flying!

These types of Electrics worked well this day.

Tom Bukowski was the hero of the day by flying a glow powered cub and his first time float flying experience ever. After a lot of online speculation and commentary all was put to rest handily with his first successful test flight that day.

Nice enough day for knitting!

Some of the Participating Pilots of the event.

Warm clubhouse, hot coco and chili dogs.

Almost dead calm for much of the day, about 15 mph towards late afternoon.

Report from our first 2018 event

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~Photos and report by George Dzahristos

~Photos and report by George Dzahristos

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367

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Saturday - August 25, 2018

3pm-8pm • Pilots Meeting at 2:30pm

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PMAC’s Flying Circus

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A Brief Report from Our Most Recent Event


2018 Warbird Festival

Saturday - 06.09.18  4pm to 9pm

The PMAC Legacy Award is in response to a general membership request for the special acknowledgment of a member who has dedicated years of service to the betterment of the club. The award recognizes the recipient with official PMAC clothing, certificate, Plaque mounted under the club pavilion and free, lifetime membership. Given sparingly and under great consideration, PMAC Legacy Award has been awarded to Dr. Dave McDonald for his decades of service in many diverse rolls over the years as well as a serving as a tremendous roll model for many in the club. Over the years, Dave served almost in all rolls on the executive board as well as a long time volunteer at work parties and training, he attended many flying events both at our club as well as other clubs, representing PMAC. In addition, Dave often served as the “voice of reason” and protocol at many meetings. Thank you, Dave!


Dave McDonald Awarded PMAC Legacy Award

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