PMAC 2006


2006 Club Officers

President Bill Ridenour

Vice President John Valencia

Vice President & Public Affairs Tom MacDonald

Secretary John Zonneveld

Treasurer Frank Vella

Chief Instructor Ed Kincer

Field Marshal Keith Brown

Riders Pigs Fly Contest

PMAC member John Hoover wins "FUNctionality Award" in Rider's recent Pigs Fly contest.

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Electrics Over White Lake 2006

Our 2006 Electrics Over White Lake is now history with AMA reports in the mail, but what a great day it was. Twenty-five registered pilots flew fifty-eight planes on a near perfect day. All had fun and all stayed safe. Many thanks to all PMAC members for their support, but several members went above and beyond...

Thanks to Tom, Smitty and Dave for overall support. Thanks to Brandon & Dale for their tireless day at registration and tx impound. Special thanks to Dale for his MC activities. Thanks to Hank & Dick for the corn and brats. Thanks to Bob & Bill for cooking a great lunch. Thanks to Pat, Greg & Danny for record raffle sales. Thanks to Keith for set-up and to Keith and all the grounds crew for making the field look like a show place. Big thanks to Jim for both parking support and "meet-and-greet" duties for our many visitors.

Thanks to our supporting sponsors, Riders of Madison Heights, Quiet Flight R/C of Columbus, OH, HobbyTown of Grand Blanc and Carltons Hobby of Union Lake.

Congrats to our flying winners Jim Young (Skybolt), Richard Sawicki (Flying boat) and Chris Jarman (Giant Ultimate).

Full report will be submitted at the September meeting, but it looks like the club made a few dollars as well.

I have received some photos already, but if any of you have a few especially good pics from the day, send them to me for posting in the near future.

Ed Kincer

Jim Young's E-Zone Magazine Article

Photos Here

Event Flyer

Runway Pattern Indicator

A "Runway Pattern Indicator" system was approved at our August meeting. A red arrow has been installed near the frequency control station and its direction indicates the pattern which all pilots should take off and land.

Thanks goes to Dale and Greg for the quick design and installation.

New Safety Benches

Four new safety benches have been built and installed at the field. When you see Greg, say "thanks".

Click on Bench to learn the origin of the safety bench design.

Frequency Control

July 5, 2006

New Frequency Control System In Effect

A new "take a pin" frequency control system was approved at the July 5 meeting. You will find frequency pins (clips with channel numbers) in our impound area. You should leave your PMAC or AMA card in the rack, take the appropriate frequency pin and attach it to your transmitter.

All transmitters not impounded MUST have a frequency pin attached. Do not "turn on" unless you have the proper pin!!!

Don't forget to return the pin at the end of your flying session.

This new system is found at most other fields and adds redundancy. You now can look up and down the flight line and tell if all pilots have secured their channel.

More Info

Special thanks to Bill & Dick for making the pins so quickly!

Inter-club Fun Fly

July 22, 2006

Email from John Hoover...

Today we had a fun fly at the PMAC field.  This was a club versus club event.  Skymasters, Holly and PMAC were competing.   PMAC ended up the overall winner but it was close.  The Skymaster guys had been practicing and the scores were tight.  There was a little carnage but nothing too bad.  My plane ended up in one piece and I managed to win one of the events and put pressure on in the rest.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and we had a good crowd of spectators.


1. Dixie Death-Take off, do three rolls, three loops, and three spins (any order), and land. Fastest time wins.

2. Limbo- Set the ribbon at one height, fastest 5 passes under it wins.

3. Mail run- Plane on runway, engine running. partner runs to plane and touches tail (delivers mail). Plane takes off, flies pattern, lands. Does not taxi after landing. Partner runs to wherever plane is, touches tail (picks up mail) and runs back to starting line. Fastest time wins.

4. Balloon Break- Pilot attempts to break balloons tied to the ground. Fastest time wins.

5. One Leg Stand- The pilot performs a take off, loop, roll and land with one foot in the air. If the pilot's foot hits the ground before he lands, he is disqualified.

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367