The Pontiac Miniature Aircraft Club prides itself for being one of the longest established RC clubs in SE Michigan.  As an AMA gold leader club it is, and has been home to several pilots who are well known throughout the country.  On any given day everything from sport to jet aircraft frequent the skies over White Lake, Michigan.

No matter what your interest, Sport, Scale, WW I, WW II, Jets, Scale Aerobatics, Pylon, Combat, Electrics, or Giant Scale you will be joining a club with accomplished builders/pilots with a wide variety of interests and skills.  We are proud to say you will be gaining knowledge and experience from nationally recognized modelers who call PMAC their own.  Furthermore, PMAC prides itself on its camaraderie and friendly but efficient demeanor.

For more information about joining PMAC, see our PMAC Registration Form or contact someone on the executive board.  You can learn more about PMAC's training program at Frequently Asked Training Questions

Feel free to stop by our field any evening or weekend to observe and learn more about PMAC or, attend a meeting.  

Guests are always welcome! Please note that a valid Michigan DNR Motor Vehicle Permit is required.

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                                          PMAC Sound Standard

PMAC is very committed to being friendly to both our neighbors and environment.  Our aircraft sound standards are found in Article 11, Section 4 of our Club Constitution and By Laws which states:

The sound requirement for all planes at the PMAC field shall be (1) 96dB at 25 feet and (2) if two (2) or more members determine that a plane is too loud in flight, or a complaint is heard from a neighbor in our outside overfly area, the plane must be grounded until at least three members of the safety committee witness its performance.  If a majority confirms the plane to be too loud, it must remain grounded until it is permanently corrected.

The current PMAC Constitution and By-Laws can be found at the link below

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PMAC Community Support Events

The Pontiac Miniature Aircraft Club supports community events in several ways.  We adopted White Lake Rd near our field keeping it clean and tidy.  We also support various scouting and school activities.  Here are some summaries of recent community support events

AMA Gold Club Leader Charter  #367

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2017 Independence Day Parade & Static Display

7am and were ready to roll!

Little Ariel. Excited and ready for a full day!

It is said that the essence of a parade is pride on display. One marches and displays all that one stands for, believes in and holds precious. Those things are never more evident than in an Independence Day Parade. National pride, history and culture were widespread in over 100 entries in the Clarkston Parade which ran for over a mile and a half through sun dappled neighborhood streets and main street lined with literally, thousands of people along the way. For the PMAC, this was our first year participating in the parade and was made possible in part by our recently returned and restored club tractor which was skillfully reworked by club member Allan Wesley for a number of years. The tractor pulled a donated trailer for the event and held much of what we hold dear and take pride in…our hobby and club, represented by a diverse range of models and members - individuals of all ages, races and genders, Veteran modelers, families and couples all holding models from giant scale to foam jets and accompanying the float, all waiving and answering questions by many spectators that had no idea the hobby had such range and diversity. Indeed, for many spectators it was a first ever exposure to the club and hobby! The weather was absolutely perfect with a deep blue sky, calm winds and brilliant late morning sun. It was an incredible sense of pride representing our hobby and club as we slow rolled along coupled with the adulation from old vets that flew stearman aircraft  to awe struck kids and adults alike. When the parade was completed, we drove the tractor and float to nearby Clintonwood Park where we staged a static display as part of  the continuing Independence Fest 2017 celebration. There were many onlookers asking questions about the hobby and the club - many of which were veterans and families of. PMAC informational material was passed out to all who requested it and invited to visit our club for upcoming events and our Thursday evening training.  Truly the club and the hobby was very well represented and my sincere thank you to all who participated in this little experiment of mine. Special thanks to Stan Stroble who not only did much of the background prep work but also delivered and safely returned the tractor as well as skillfully maneuvered the beast the entire day.

Directly representing the hobby and our club to over 10,000 people - In one day

Photos & text: George Dzahristos

Much of the decorations needed to happen on location and in short order. Thanks to Scott, Cathy, Steven and Mary for taking this on.

Your club and hobby on display

Incredible sight as the PMAC Float rolls into town with a 100 foot flag slowly waiving in the distance.

A few old vets look over the models at the static display at Clintonwood park.

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Please note: Dates and events are subject to change so, check back often

Event Calendar

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Choose from Hats, T shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, zip ups, windbreakers and polos (available with optional embroidery) in your size, quantity and choice of tan, red or light grey (zip up only)

Meeting location is now on ZOOM!

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month beginning at 7pm. Winter (October through April) business / tech meetings are held virtually, online, and Summer (May though September) meetings are held at the PMAC field. In case of inclement weather during the summer meeting season we will also use ZOOM.

For a current link to our ZOOM Meetings, Contact Club Secretary, Kathy Taylor at the following address:

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2021 PMAC

Warbird Festival

Saturday, June 12, 2021

3:30pm - Dusk

All Sizes & Scale Welcomed • From WWI to Modern Era
• Stand off Scale to True Scale

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